McFarland's Mr. Dark Blue, OFA

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4 Day Old Max and Littermates
(He's the white guy in the middle!)
Early October 2012

Max was the solid white plush boy in our 2012 Mercy-Jedi litter.

He now shares his life with our daughter, Heather, and her family.

They live nearby, so we are able to see him often!

About Max, Heather says:

"Max is a very gentle, loyal, giant polar bear.  Max loves being around family, and he enjoys car rides and visiting. He is an all-around wonderful boy.  We love him dearly... and he knows it!"

Max has passed his health testing (including OFA Excellent hips)!
Contact Us to learn more about using Max at stud!

Full Name/Title: McFarland's Mr. Dark Blue, OFA (Max)
Color: White Plush
Born: September 30, 2012
Dam: Ocean State's Divine Mercy (Mercy)
Sire: Ocean State's Jedi Knight, OFA (Jedi)
Hips: OFA Excellent (SLH-740E28M-NOPI)
Elbows: OFA Normal (SLH-EL503M28-NOPI)
Cardiac: OFA Normal (SLH-CA521/28M/P-NOPI)
Thyroid: OFA Normal (SLH-TH276/28M-NOPI)

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